Track that data hard!

Don't let your data slip by unnoticed.

If you want to improve it, you have to track it. Or if you track it, you might end up improving it. We really can't tell.

numero keeps you focused.

Throughout your day, you generate multiple data points using innumerable sources. You can link all of these data sources to numero and focus on what is the important metric that you want to chase!


numero sets you free!

With numero's cutting-edge technology, you can control the data that you share with an application. Numero puts the control of your datapoints back in your hands.


Minimal Dashboard

Minimalism is built in the design of numero. We try to cut every redundant information out of your view.

hashtag icon

Hashtag monitoring

If you desire to track a particular trend, now you don't have to open google trends. You can do it right inside of numero.

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Free for basic usage

In the beta phase, numero is providing a basic plan that allows you to add up to 10 data sources to your dashboard completely free of charge!

You can trust us.🦑

Numero is a privacy-first company. We care about your choices surrounding your information. This is why we don't store any user information in our cloud. The information that we do collect is anonymized and you can opt out of it if you so desire.